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World Veterinary Day: Meet Dr Bangura, Our Resident Vet

Happy World Veterinary Day!

Protecting animals is at the heart of what CPI stands for and we believe vets are an incredible and crucial driving force in relieving the suffering of street animals.

CPI is proud of the partnership with our dedicated and passionate resident vet in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Dr Sorie Hardey Bangura.

Since he was a teenager, Dr Bangura dreamt of working as vet but he said his passion to treat homeless animals came with a "sacrifice" due to the lack of government support.

As a result, there are only two remaining vets in the country, including Dr Bangura who is the only vet dedicated to relieving the suffering of street animals.

He said: "Since I was a small boy, I grew up surrounded by pets. I would personally take them to the vet hospital for treatment when they fell sick. As I grew up, I grew up with them.

"I enjoyed studying science in high school and I dreamt about becoming a veterinary specialist to help the poor animals in Sierra Leone.

"Being a vet in Sierra Leone, you must sacrifice your profession to help poor animals because there is no support from the government."

Dr Bangura added: "What I love the most about CPI is our shared goal of helping poor animals in Sierra Leone. We work together to rescue homeless dogs and re-home them with owners who will love and care for them.

"There are many projects I do with CPI that transforms peoples' lives. This includes giving advice to owners on how to care, train and love their pets, providing vaccinations, treatment and daily feeding."

Dr Bangura was awarded a scholarship to study Veterinary Medicine in the former Soviet Union and later graduated from the University of Ukraine with a Masters Degree. When he returned home, he was employed as a vet by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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