Compassionate Paws International looks to support and fund animal welfare work/projects in areas where resources are limited. 
There are countless organisations and community groups who work tirelessly to do extraordinarily impactful work for suffering street animals but often don’t have the resources to support them. 

CPI's core team and board members work and live globally, primarily in countries that lack veterinary resources and often find many of these invisible and unrecognized organisations, groups and sometimes individuals.
These are the locally-rooted groups and individuals we hope to support and strengthen, as they continue to drive amazing impact through sheer love of and compassion for animals.



At CPI, our mission is to alleviate the suffering of street animals in resource-limited settings in partnership with local people and/or organisations.


  • Respect - recognition of animals as sentient beings who deserve to be protected.

  • Compassion - promoting kindness towards animals through our programmes. 

  • Empowerment - partnering with local people and organisations, and ensuring a sustainable exit strategy for every project. 

How We Conduct Our Activities

  • Acting as a funding bridge to resource-limited, 'invisible' local animal welfare organisations.

  • Reducing the number of homeless and neglected animals through sterilisation.

  • Providing care and veterinary treatment to abandoned and mistreated animals.

  • Promoting kindness and the prevention of cruelty to animals through education and advocacy.