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CPI Volunteer Vets Remove an Enormous Tumour from a Dog (October 2022)

Susan's Bay Fire Emergency Medical Intervention
Freetown,Sierra Leone

March 2021 

The disaster on March 24th left more than 7,000 people homeless. According to the government’s National Disaster Management Agency, 73% of residents are now forced to live outdoors.


Thankfully, no one died in the fire but more than 400 people were injured and countless animals reportedly perished in the blaze which engulfed the settlement within hours.


Animals are often the voiceless victims of tragedies and CPI has teamed with our incredible friends at SPCA International who helped raise essential funds to ensure CPI could provide adequate emergency treatment and aid to animals impacted by the fire.

Since the fire, our dedicated and passionate team worked daily at Susan’s Bay to collect data, identify and treat vulnerable and injured animals.

Within the first few weeks, almost 100 animals received treatment, including wound care, antibiotics, IV and parasite treatment.


General Rescues


May 2020 - ongoing 

CPI, along with Dr. Bangura and Community Animal Health Worker (CAHW), Andrew Bockerie, are able to provide simple veterinary treatments to animals in need.

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