Meet our team

The Compassionate Paws International team is made up of volunteers from around the world, as well as some amazing local volunteers in our program countries.


They all play an important role in running Compassionate Paws, from hands-on roles on the ground, to making sure we're spreading the word about what we do. 

Board of Directors


Sea Ramanat

Co-founder | Executive Director

Chief Marketing Officer & Programme Director

Sea has lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone since 2017, helping local animals welfare organisations with marketing, program management and fundraising.

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Sarah Morris

Co-founder | Executive Director 

Chief Finance & Education Officer

Sarah is passionate about inspiring children from low-resource parts of the world to pursue veterinary-related careers.

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Rebecca Dobinson BVSc MRCVS

Executive Director | Veterinary Advisor

Rebecca is a practicing veterinary surgeon in the North East of England, having qualified from The University of Liverpool.

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Karen Melia.jpg

Karen Malia


Karen has helped raise funds, awareness and develop welfare activity for organisations across the world.

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Catherine Yates


Catherine, based in Australia, supports a sustainable and locally owned approach to improving animal welfare.

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Board of Advisors


Caroline Murray BVSc MRCVS

Caroline has worked as a clinical veterinarian for 23 years, graduating from The University of Liverpool.

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Jatin Hiranandani.jpg

Jatin Hiranandani

Jatin, from Freetown, has supported vets and animal welfare organisations in the many countries he's worked in globally.

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Vincent Oloo BVSc MRCVS

Dr. Oloo is a Kenyan veterinary surgeon with 18 years of experience. He is based at Brooke East Africa in the Nairobi office.

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Jane Palmer

A registered nurse and midwife, she worked for 6 years in Liver Pool and 3 years in the QARANC (Army Nursing Corps) she then went on to join the army as a midwife where her first posting was in Berlin.

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Nina Devries

Nina Devries is a communications specialist at World Animal Protection Canada and is based out of Toronto.

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Rebecca Hampson BVSc MRCVS

Rebecca is vet surgeon in the UK. She's currently studying an MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law.

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Compassionate Paws Sierra Leone


Ruby Hughes

Sierra Leone Programme Manager

Since moving to Sierra Leone, Ruby has learnt a lot about the animal welfare needs in Freetown and is using this to educate...

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Alie Turay

Community Outreach and Programme Assistant

Alie, a teacher, believes animals need humanitarian intervention and public sensitisation about their welfare.

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Erica Yambasu

Community Outreach and Programme Assistant

A software engineering and networking student Erica believes women work tirelessly to help animals but more needs to be done to include them in animal welfare initiatives. 

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Amadu Barrie

Community Outreach and Programme Assistant

Amadu is an educator, social worker and a youth developmental specialist with experience in community development.

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Communications Team


Faye Clyne
Salone Animal Talk

Faye qualified as a Veterinary Nurse from Edinburgh Napier University in 2013 and is currently working in her hometown veterinary clinic in Scotland. 

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Isabel Dobinson

Communications and PR Manager

Isabel worked as a journalist in London before moving to Spain where she is now teaching English.

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Catarina Galhofa

Social Media Manager

Catarina finished her studies in Communication Sciences and Social Media in Portugal.

She moved to the UK where she discovered an interest in creating digital content for Social media platforms.

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Katarzyna Kucharska

Salone Animal Talk

Katarzyna is currently living in Poland and is a rehabber at Seal Rescue Center, with studies in animal protection.

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