Founders/Executive Directors

Jasmin Johnson, Co-founder Compassionate Paws International

Jasmin Johnson

Jasmin Johnson, Co-founder & Chief Program Officer is a public policy and international development professional.
Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University and is currently based out of Zurich, Switzerland. She works to develop education and human capital development systems across Africa and Asia.

As a child, she felt very moved by the plight of the stray animals she saw in her school and on the streets of her native Malaysia.

She was constantly feeding stray animals, saving whatever extra pocket money she had to pay for their food. Since then, she has worked with local animal organisations in over ten countries.

Because her work and travel schedule do not allow her to properly care for a rescue animal at home, she often transfers a lot of the day-to-day work onto her poor husband, who is kind enough to have served as a surrogate mother to countless abandoned kittens picked off the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Now in Switzerland, they actively fund many animal welfare organisations globally.

As Head of Programmes for CPI, Jasmin ensures that all our programmes are ethical and sustainable towards animals, the broader natural environment, and the humans involved.

She works with the CPI team to design and develop effective programmes in close collaboration with local partners, so that our work is always fitting with the local context.

It is also her priority to ensure that programmes always have a sustainable end game in mind, leaving local communities better and more empowered than when we began our work.

Sea Ramanat

Sea Ramanat, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at CPI has been based in Freetown, Sierra Leone since 2017.

Born and raised in Canada, where she began her career in Marketing, Sea has always been passionate about animal welfare.

In addition to running her own company focused on sustainable, fair trade products, she is the digital marketing manager for two organisations.

Sea has also been supporting local animal welfare groups with marketing, program management, fundraising, and securing sponsorships.

A mother of three, Sea is leading by example; ensuring that her children have love and compassion for animals, as her passion for animals began at a young age and was engrained in her through her family.

Growing up, Sea always had animals around, ranging from fish, hamsters, cats, dogs & turtles.

Living in Sierra Leone, which has one of the highest densities of stray animals in the world, and with Sea witnessing first hand the grisly circumstances that these animals face daily, it was only natural that she took action.

She has not only fostered and adopted animals, but has aided in the international re-homing of animals.

Currently housing two local Sierra Leonean rescue cats, a dog and 20 chickens and counting!

More information on Sea's fair trade products company:

Magazine article on The Green Giraffe

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Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris, Co-founder, Chief Finance & Education Officer at CPI has worked in Africa (Kenya and Sierra Leone) and the Caribbean (Cuba and the Cayman Islands) for the past eight years.   

She is a teacher and training specialist, and she runs an online coaching & training business. 

Sarah became heavily involved in animal rescue work in each country she moved to, often taking sick or vulnerable cats and dogs off the street and into her home, where she provided medical treatment and found them forever homes.   

Knowing that the population of street animals far exceeded the capacity of local animal welfare organisations in the regions she lived, Sarah realised that if she did not help the homeless, sick and starving animals that hundreds of people walked by every day, nobody else would. 

She is passionate about making a difference and is keen to inspire children from low-resource parts of the world to pursue veterinary-related careers. She endeavours to ensure that her own students develop into citizens that contribute positively to society.  Sarah grew up on a farm in England surrounded by cows, dogs, cats, donkeys and a horse. 

She is currently based there with her two dogs, both of whom she found in a critical state of disease and starvation: Percy from Cuba and Jenny from Sierra Leone. 

Read more about Sarah’s experiences of animal rescue in Cuba (written using a pseudonym) – ‘Black Market Chemotherapy and Animal Sacrifices in Havana’ .

Board of Trustees


Karen Malia

Karen Malia is based in the UK but has lived and worked across the world including three years in South Korea, four years in Dubai and three in Sierra Leone.

Having grown up in an animal loving family, with a range of companion animals, Karen is a long term supporter of animal welfare organizations. It was during her time based in Seoul, South Korea, that Karen became very active in raising funds and awareness working in close partnership with KAPS (Korea Animal Protection Society) to improve the lives of many dogs and cats in dire need.

Upon relocating, Karen continued to work in partnership with a number of existing welfare organizations in Dubai where she introduced a successful trap, neuter, vaccinate and release scheme for cats as well as setting up regular feeding stations.

She went on to work in similar projects focused on street dogs with SLAWS (Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society) in Sierra Leone, firmly believing that the local people must be at the heart of any intervention for it to be successful and sustainable.
Karen works in recruitment with GatenbySanderson specializing in executive and Board positions within the not for profit sector. Having also worked within the Charity sector with The Mission to Seafarers and ABF The Soldier’s Charity in professional fundraising and Partnerships management roles Karen brings valuable experience and knowledge of these aspects of our work.

She also sits on the Board of EducAid Sierra Leone a British registered Charity working to improve the education opportunities for some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.

Now living in London with her husband and elderly rescue cat, Shalimar, Karen continues to be committed to improving the lives of animals across the globe.”

Jatin Hiranandani

Jatin Hiranandani, born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, is a warden for the British high commission in Sierra Leone. 

He has over 20 years of experience in the support of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, including emergency response in various countries. 

Jatin is qualified in diamond grading and assortment with experience in the field of gemmology.

Jatin has been involved in the rescue and fostering of animals since childhood, and he has also supported veterinarians and animal welfare organizations in most of the countries that he has worked in. 

More recently, Jatin has been volunteering with the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society (SLAWS), aiding in the fundraising and planning of the feeding program from the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Catherine Yates OAM

Catherine Yates is an international development professional with 25 years' experience in the Asia Pacific region. She is now based in Australia undertaking various short term private consultancies.

Previously, she was based overseas on long-term postings as a diplomat, with the United Nations, and working for private development contractors.

Her work in senior management roles provides Catherine with a unique opportunity to advise CPI on good governance procedures, reporting to donors, and strong procurement practices.


Growing up in country Australia, she found that birds, cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs and the odd sheep, were constant companions and sources of joy. Her two dogs have the life of Riley on hinterland acreage.

Having seen the sometimes dire circumstances of animals throughout the Pacific, Catherine has fed and watered many street dogs and under nourished cows in Asia and the Pacific. She has donated to various animal causes, but has always wanted to do something more tangible to help.


Catherine sees this as an opportunity to support a sustainable and locally owned approach to improving animal welfare that promotes compassion and kindness.

Antoinette Ahmed

Antoinette Ahmed is a Sierra Leonean working as a property manager in Freetown.

Born in Sierra Leone, Antoinette grew up primarily in the UK and has over 7 years’ experience working in Real Estate in the UK, UAE and Sierra Leone.


Antoinette has been based in Sierra Leone since 2018 where she is currently leading a team managing a portfolio of various real estate assets in Freetown. She has always been a dog-lover, with of her own; Snoopy, Jasper and Bromley J.

“I was honored to be appointed as a CPI Board Member. Despite gaining traction in recent years, animal care and welfare within Sierra Leone has a long way to go. I’m particularly interested in ensuring that every stray dog finds a loving home and receives the proper care they deserve. I wholeheartedly believe in the work that CPI is doing and I am excited to contribute to the progress of animal welfare in Sierra Leone.”


Rebecca Dobinson

Rebecca is a practicing veterinary surgeon in the North East of England, having qualified from The University of Liverpool in 2012.


She enjoys travel and has worked as a veterinary volunteer in The Gambia, Morocco, Thailand, and on The Dogs of Chernobyl project in Ukraine.


At home Rebecca volunteers for Street Paws, taking to the streets of Newcastle to provide veterinary care to dogs belonging to the homeless.


Rebecca lives with her one eyed cat, Sparrow, and two rescue bunnies, Hugo and Blanche. In her spare time she enjoys running, yoga and exploring the country side.

Alie Turay

Alie Turay is a Sierra Leonean working as a teacher at Rising Academy Network and
is also a contracted Language and Cross Cultural Facilitator at Peace Corps in Sierra Leone. 

Alie is qualified in Linguistics and Sociology from the University of Sierra Leone.

Alie’s love for animals started in his early years when he would spend much time in rural northern Sierra Leone where him and his brothers would tend to their grandfather's flock of sheep and goats.
Although Alie has a fondness for dogs, he had the opportunity to rescue a kitten and ended up keeping the kitten as his own.


Alie considers animals especially dogs to be fairly helpless in the face of modernity and therefore need humanitarian intervention and public sensitisation regarding their welfare and wellbeing.

Board of Advisors

Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray has worked as a clinical veterinarian for 23 years, graduating from Liverpool University with a degree in Zoology and Veterinary Science, and locuming between the UK and New Zealand.  Soon after graduating she visited Cameroon, where she witnessed how poverty, and the lack of basic resources hinders people’s ability to pursue their livelihoods. 


Caroline has completed a Masters in Australian wildlife care, conservation and international ‘One Health’ issues, via Murdoch University, Australia, and has travelled and/or volunteered for international charities in Africa, Asia, Australasia and South America, performing mixed animal, exotics and wildlife work at a grass roots level. 


Her ability to speak and write French is beneficial for working in areas such as West Africa, where English is often not spoken.  She has been a volunteer vet on the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska, the Mongol Derby horse endurance race in Mongolia, and the Ride the Wild Coast horse endurance ride in South Africa, and has training in large animal rescue techniques. She has also written travel articles for Adventure She magazine, is writing a book about her overseas vet and travel adventures, and is interested in being a TV presenter for wildlife/conservation/travel documentaries.


In 2019, Caroline returned to NZ where she was a Regional Animal Welfare Coordinator in relation to drought and Covid-19.  She has recently returned to small animal clinical work in the beautiful South Island, where she participates in her local search and rescue team.  She is extremely interested in delivering aid and veterinary training to remote and rural communities.

Rebecca Hampson

Rebecca Hampson is veterinary surgeon from the U.K. Alongside working in a busy small animal practice she is currently studying for a Master’s degree in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law from the University of Edinburgh. 

Animal welfare has always been her greatest motivator in pursuing a rewarding career in veterinary medicine and has lead her to many volunteering opportunities worldwide, including a neutering and rabies vaccination clinic in Thailand and more recently to Malawi. During her time in Malawi she developed a project, alongside the Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) to deliver a 4 month lecture and practical passed CPD course to para-vets in donkey castration. During her time in Malawi she also lectured at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) alongside running field clinics in small animal neutering. 

Rebecca is particularly interested in ‘one health’, improving animal and human lives simultaneously and is currently writing her dissertation looking into the impact of gender equality on animal welfare.

Vincent Oloo

Dr. Vincent Oloo is a Kenyan veterinary surgeon with 18 years of experience.

He is currently based at Brooke East Africa in the Nairobi office, supporting Veterinary interventions within the East Africa region of the programme. 


He has a passion for the environment and wildlife, and possesses a wealth of veterinary expertise. 


At Brooke, Vincent is in charge of strengthening the veterinary service delivery system to ensure successful and quality delivery of 'last mile' veterinary services to all animals in the programme through public-private partnership engagements. 


Vincent also takes the lead on general animal welfare work by supporting partner organizations with project development and implementation through the capacity building and mentoring of upcoming veterinarians and paravets on animal welfare, veterinary medicine, surgery, and pharmacology, along with the implementation of the Animal Health Mentoring Framework (AHMF). 

He is also the focal point person for farriery work within the programme and takes the lead on anti-microbial resistance (AMR) issues.  

Vincent says that the best part of his job is the satisfaction of seeing his interventions reduce the suffering of animals and bring lasting changes to the lives of the animals and the people who keep them.

Nina Devries

Nina Devries is a communications specialist at World Animal Protection Canada and is based out of Toronto. She enjoys being in a role that is creating change for animals worldwide including street dogs, wild animals and farm animals. 


Nina has always had a love for all animals and grew up with cats and dogs as pets. She became vegetarian 20 years ago and recently became vegan. 

Nina’s background is mainly in journalism and she worked as a reporter, most recently in Sierra Leone. It was here that she first witnessed in person the devastating life of street dogs and ended up adopting two of her own who now live with her in Canada. While in Sierra Leone she also rescued and re-homed street dogs who are also now living happy lives abroad with their owners. Nina often incorporated covering animal issues in her reporting, including the dog overpopulation Sierra Leone faces and the work of the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society (SLAWS) in Freetown.


She is also passionate about human rights and has trained journalists through the Canadian NGO Journalists for Human Rights in Sierra Leone.   In addition, Nina has worked in various parts of Canada as a reporter including with the CBC in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and as a reporter for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network in Toronto.

Communications Team

Amadu Barrie

Amadu Wurie Barrie was born in Guinea and moved to Sierra Leone for schooling.

Amadu is an educator, social worker and a youth developmental specialist with over 8 years of experience in community development .

He worked as administrative secretary and project coordinator at Girlz Empowered  Sierra Leone.

Amadu is an Animal lover who is currently based in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone and lives with his mother and his pet dog 'bingo'.

Isabel Dobinson

Isabel is from the north east of England.

She grew up surrounded by pets, ranging from rats and tortoises to rabbits and dogs!


Isabel worked as a journalist in London before moving to Spain where she is now teaches English.


She loves travelling, cooking, reading, art, history and of course, animals!

Katarzyna Kucharska

Katarzyna is currently living in Poland and is a rehabber at Seal Rescue Center.


She completed her studies related to animal husbandry, animal protection and is also working towards her PhD in biological sciences.


During her life she volunteered in domestic and farm animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers.


As a veterinary assistant, Katarzyna worked in veterinary practices as well as in shelter for homeless animals where she was caring for abandoned or mistreated dogs & cats.  


Katarzyna is also involved in rehoming dogs & cats managing advertisements of their adoption posts.

She is a happy mom of two rescued, once street kitties


Marieke is currently living in Roermond, Netherlands.

She has a masters degree in International Crimes, Conflicts and Criminology, and is now working as a customer due diligence analyst at an international bank. 


Marieke has  been passionate about animal welfare starting at a young age, growing up always having pets. 

Her love for animals ultimately lead her to a vegan diet, which she has been following for 6 years now. 

She is happy to be a part of our Compassionate Paws team!