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Sterilisation & Vaccination of Street Dogs

Freetown has one of the largest populations of street dogs in Africa.  However, there is a severe lack of qualified and practising veterinary surgeons in Sierra Leone. 

While we planned to be fully locally-led when we started, we soon realised that we would need to bring in vets from outside Sierra Leone if we were going to be able to safely sterilise dogs in the number needed.

In 2022, we shifted our focus to bringing in international teams of vets for one week at a time, for intensive CNVR (catch, neuter, vaccinate, release) programmes.  At the same time, we are able to provide training to a select number of animal health workers.

Our work is data-led - mapping out the areas we work in, and collecting data by doing dog counts and household surveys prior to, and after, each intervention - using the WVS app.

We focus on female dogs. 


Read more about our approach here.

October 2022 CNVR Project

In October, we successfully completed our second CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) programme with a team of two highly experienced veterinary surgeons and one veterinary technician who specialises in high-volume spay-neuter clinics.


  • 64 dogs were sterilised & vaccinated against rabies - 47 females and 17 males.

  • Over 100 medical treatments were provided, including the removal of two large tumours.

  • Training on sterile technique was given to two livestock officers and one Community Animal Health Worker.

Click here to watch the amazing transformation of Charlie - whom we were able to castrate and remove a gigantic tumour from at the same time.

 International Vet Team Visit - Far Vets

In March 2022, CPI conducted its first intensive CNVR event in Freetown - with the aim of ensuring 75% of females in the Wilberforce area were sterilised.

A team of two vets and four vet students from the charity, Far Vets, based at Cornell University in the USA, came out to Sierra Leone to deliver the surgeries.

Far Vets

Previous Interventions

Wilberforce Phase 1 - Freetown,Sierra Leone

May 2021 - Aug 2021

Phase 1 Wilberforce Village intervention plan, was led by the Freetown City Council’s Animal Welfare Unit. CPI was to support spaying 70% of the female dog population. 

Our goal was to spay 45-56 female dogs and happy to report that we have superseded that and spayed 60!

Our achievements:
•    Total impact of 161
•    Spayed 60 female dogs, which is 92% of the counted and 75% of the estimated female dog population.
•    Provided 101 animals with medical care

CPI’s contributions to the intervention:
•    Data Collection 
•    Community engagement 
•     Medical Intervention 
•    Catching
•    Spay & Post Surgery Monitoring
•    Release

May 2020

Partnering with a local clinic to carry out community rabies vaccination programs in the community of Spurview.

Vaccinated 15 to date.

Community Humane Dog Population Management & De-worming Program
Freetown,Sierra Leone


May 2020 - Jul 2020

Carrying out community sterilisation & deworming programs in the community of Spur View, Kingdom Hall & Bonga Town.

Dewormed: 17  Dog Population Management: 12