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Meet Vijayakumari Pillai: Founder of PATH, Malaysia

Vijayakumari Pillai created PATH last spring and is based in Kajang, Malaysia.

Vijayakumari is a former social worker and predominantly worked in child protection during her 22-year career. But animal welfare always held a place close to her heart.

She said: "My children and I used to rescue kittens abandoned at the market or puppies roaming around alone. They would stay in my house and we would find new homes for them.

"Generally, there are more female rescuers and feeders and it tends to be women who run shelters. They are compassionate and willing to sacrifice time and money to help voiceless and helpless dogs and cats."

Vijayakumari said lack of funds is the main obstacle for a woman working in animal welfare. She first planned to run a mobile neutering clinic for stray dogs and cats but the idea soon became impossible due to the lack of funds.

Vijayakumari and her children continued to rescue stray animals and five-years-ago she began contacting friends in other states to arrange shelter transfers and began talking to local politicians about ways to help homeless animals.

She said: "Exactly one year ago, Lia my secretary and I created path and it was approved the same day, I couldn't believe it.

"We are struggling to find enough funds to feed the strays and build small shelters but we've found abandoned factories or open space in industrial areas which allows us to continue accepting the strays from the council."

She added that she believes dogs need room to roam and hopes to re-home strays with local families.

Find out more about our programs in Malaysia, and how to become a donor to help support this work.

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