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Meet Rica Yambasu, CPI Animal Ambassador

Rica Yambasu is one of CPI's hardworking Animal Ambassadors who are on the ground volunteers passionate about educating the local community and animal welfare and saving the lives of street animals in Sierra Leone.

The 19-year-old software engineering and networking student said women "work tirelessly" to help animals but more needs to be done to include them in animal welfare initiatives.

Rica said: "Women are often at the forefront of work to help animals. There are many women who work tirelessly to improve animal welfare so it is important that women are involved in projects.

"However, gender inequality is still prevalent at all levels in Sierra Leone. Women experience high levels of poverty, violence and discrimination."

When asked why she became a CPI Animal Ambassador, Rica said: "I am an animal lover so it is a privilege to help rescue and protect animals. I especially want to improve the lives of street dogs in Sierra Leone.

"Sierra Leoneans must start treating animals with the same respect as we give humans. If people are incapable of taking care of an animal, they should not have a pet.

"Sadly the cruelty against animals in this country is getting out of hand. Many people think it is just an issue for animal lovers but it can impact everyone. For example, the large number of street dogs is a discouraging sight for tourists. This is everyone's responsibility."

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