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Tiger’s story – neglected, starved, and left to die

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Tiger was collected by CPI’s Sarah Morris after the charity, CEDA (Cubans in Defence of Animals), put out a call for members of the public to help. 

Tiger had been living on the street in one of the busiest commercial areas of Havana and also spent time inside the back garden of an elderly lady. The lady had other cats and did not want to feed Tiger. He was taken to a foster home but the vet felt that he was too weak to receive any treatment and advised the foster family to feed him small amounts until he was a little stronger.  Sadly, after a week of loving care, he passed away. 

Tiger’s story is one that is replicated with millions of animals around the world right now: his suffering was visible to the lady whose garden he rested in, and to hundreds of people who walked by him every day, yet nobody had either the desire or ability to take care of him.

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1 Comment

Turay Alie
Turay Alie
Sep 11, 2020

Poor animal

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