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Abandoned on a busy street.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

On her way to work, CPI's Jasmin Johnson spotted a small puppy in the middle of a busy road in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Jasmin immediately took action saving this poor pup from imminent danger.

This pup was originally stolen from her mother to be sold, after realizing she was not a male, the man who abducted her abandoned her on the road.

It is a sad reality that female dogs are not desired because of the belief that they do not make good guard dogs and give birth to unwanted puppies.

It is an all too common occurrence that female dogs are killed or abandoned.

The puppy who has been named Pinky was infested with worms fleas, after receiving treatment she was placed with a foster family and has now been rehomed with her loving and caring fur-ever family.

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