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A Mother beaten and left almost paralyzed.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Meet Nicola,

She grew up on the beach and was adopted by a restaurant as a puppy. However, because she was not spayed, she had multiple pregnancies.

The pregnancies made her very weak and thin. She was also beaten multiple times by customers at the restaurant which left her with a broken hip and almost paralyzed in her hind legs. Some people rescued her puppies without much concern for Nico.

Veterinarian Dr Bangura and his team treated her injuries and she was taken in to care by CPI's Jasmin Johnson.

She had been placed in casts, dewormed, deflea-ed, and treated for all her external wounds. We are hoping for her to be able to walk properly again.

She is now back with her Bar family and is looking much better and happier!

Nico Before.

Nico After.

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