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From the bushes to a new home!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

This is Bushy. In early April, our team caught him walking straight out of a bush onto a busy main road. He was incredibly thin, malnourished and covered in sand and severe mange.

Today you wouldn't even recognise him! Over the past month, Bushy has been fostered by Sea Ramanat, CPI's Co-founder. In addition to a lot of love and attention, Bushy has received treatment for his mange, generously donated by Elanco Pet Health. He's also been treated for worms and been vaccinated against rabies and parvo.

As you can see, Bushy's fur has grown back and he's steadily gained weight. His personality has also started to shine through! Bushy is a loving puppy who loves being the centre of attention! He enjoys wrapping himself around your ankles and playing with other dogs.

Bushy has now been adopted and today he starts life with his new family in a new home!

With your support, we can continue helping dogs like Bushy. Click here to donate to CPI.

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