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A dog left to die on a pile of rubbish

A dog was rescued after being left to die inside a plastic bag on a pile of rubbish in Freetown, Sierra Leone. CPI's Sea Ramanat just happened to be passing by a pile of rubbish when she noticed a noise coming from inside a plastic rice bag.

Dog rescued from a pile of rubbish

Walking closer, it became clear that there was an animal alive inside the bag, which had been placed in the hot sun on top of the rubbish pile. Two helpful men quickly went over to untie the bag, which had been tied up extremely tightly. On opening the bag, they found an emaciated male puppy in a critical condition. He had been left there to die. Sea took him straight to the local vet, where he was treated over a number of hours.

Watch the video of Butter Bean's rescue:

Sea said: "It's just a miracle that I happened to notice the bag as I was passing by in a car." Over a few weeks of love and care at Sea's house, he gradually regained his strength and started to build his confidence in people. He was named Butter Bean.

Butter Bean was finally adopted by a gentleman that had been looking for a dog to keep him company. CPI provides vetting and follow-up checks to all fosterers and adopters. Butter Bean's survival is really a miracle.

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