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Buddy - A dog crying in pain.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Buddy was rescued from Nanganallur, India.

We got a call late one night about a dog crying in pain and the residents were trying to push him out of the compound. They were throwing water on him, pushing and prodding him to move, but the poor thing was in so much in pain he couldn't move.

By the time we could arrange for someone to go check him, he had disappeared. We tried for a couple days with no luck but we didn't give up, on the third day we finally found him We had to pay the dog catcher to secure him because he was so difficult to catch.

He was taken to a clinic but for some reason the vet did not treat him, so we moved him to another clinic. It took 3 days before the vet could treat him because he wouldn't allow anyone to come close. He had a very deep maggot wound near his rear and his tail had been cut, which we think was from being run over.

It took days for his maggot wound to heal and then, when we went to pick him up, we got the shock of our life: the vet said he has not moved and was unable to stand.

We took him to another vet where he was boarded, tests were done and they found that Buddy was a very old dog and had arthritis, spondilysis and other age related issues.

He is also blind in one eye due to cataract and has no teeth. He is able to walk now and has been taken to our shelter.

Sarah - Founder of Madras Animal Rescue Society (MARS)

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