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Sierra Leone success stories...


“I came to know about CPI when they came to our area looking for female dogs to sterilise, so I told them I have a female dog. They took my dog and did the surgery on it and brought her back the next day; they did well for us. I feel good about CPI’s work.  You know, normally many people don't see value in dogs: they throw them away. But since CPI’s intervention, all the dogs in the area are looking nice, so we are happy about that and we thank them very much.”

Florence & Gucci

   Spay Beneficiary


“You [CPI] gave me Rosie when she was about three months old,  The thought that Rosie was in the state that she was previously, and you nurtured and cared for her: you gave life to Rosie.  


I was so worried about Rosie’s spay surgery but you gave me the assurance and confidence that everything will go well and it was perfectly done, 


I am happy and grateful for your help. I know there are lots of dogs out there that need a lot of love and care and you guys are seeking and helping them out! I am so happy I have Rosie and Topsie, You gave me Topsie too (I named him Topsie) and they are doing very well. 


I appreciate them being with me because they are very friendly and I know with time, you will do much more in the future to help more and more animals.”

Hassanatu, Rosie & Topsie

     Adopter & Spay Beneficiaries

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