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Compassionate Paws International

We Provide Vet
Care To Street Dogs

The latest news out of Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone is thought to have one of the highest densities of street dogs in the world.

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 dogs in Freetown.  Research that CPI analysed in July 2022 found a human to dog ratio of 12:1 - a far greater density than the standard accepted ratio for urban Africa of 21:1.  

Research also shows that 89% of dog owners in Freetown allow their dogs to roam in the street. 
Females are more likely to be neglected, abandoned and die than males. 

Dogs are usually in a very poor state of health, with serious skin,
eye and ear problems, and blood-borne parasite diseases being extremely common.  Rabies is endemic.


There is a severe lack of qualified veterinary professionals.

In Sierra Leone, there is a severe lack of qualified, practising veterinary surgeons.  There are only 1-2 vets doing full-time clinical work in the entire country - mostly with livestock.  There is no vet school.

People are usually keen to have their dogs sterilised, but
there are no safe and affordable options for the average person. 
There are also very limited options whe
n dogs become sick.

CPI was founded in 2020 to provide veterinary care and high-quality sterilisation (spay-neuter) for street dogs.

Donor all-time impact

Thanks to your donations,
we have been able to achieve these impacts- saving the lives of countless street dogs in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


Sterilisations & Vaccinations



Veterinary Treatments



Sierra Leone Success Stories


“I came to know about CPI when they came to our area looking for female dogs to sterilise, so I told them I have a female dog. They took my dog and did the surgery on it and brought her back the next day; they did well for us. I feel good about CPI’s work.  You know, normally many people don't see value in dogs: they throw them away. But since CPI’s intervention, all the dogs in the area are looking nice, so we are happy about that and we thank them very much.”

Florence & Gucci

   Spay Beneficiary


“You [CPI] gave me Rosie when she was about three months old,  The thought that Rosie was in the state that she was previously, and you nurtured and cared for her: you gave life to Rosie.  


I was so worried about Rosie’s spay surgery but you gave me the assurance and confidence that everything will go well and it was perfectly done, 


I am happy and grateful for your help. I know there are lots of dogs out there that need a lot of love and care and you guys are seeking and helping them out! I am so happy I have Rosie and Topsie, You gave me Topsie too (I named him Topsie) and they are doing very well. 


I appreciate them being with me because they are very friendly and I know with time, you will do much more in the future to help more and more animals.”

Hassanatu, Rosie & Topsie

     Adopter & Spay Beneficiaries

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Rescue Videos

Watch dogs being rescued.  The first video is the rescue of Butter Bean, who was found tied up inside a plastic bag.  The second video shows the rescue and recovery of Rosie.

Sierra Leone Animal Welfare

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