Wilberforce Phase 1 Intervention 

Freetown,Sierra Leone

May 2021 - Aug 2021

We have completed Phase 1 of the Wilberforce Village Intervention!

Phase 1 Wilberforce Village intervention plan, was led by FCC’s Animal Welfare Unit. CPI was to support spaying 70% of the female dog population. 

Our goal was to spay 45-56 female dogs and happy to report that we have superseded that and spayed 60!

Our achievements:
•    Total impact of 161
•    Successfully spayed 60 female dogs, which is 92% of the counted and 75% of the estimated female dog population.
•    Provided 101 animals with medical care

CPI’s contributions to the intervention:
•    Data Collection 
•    Community engagement 
•     Medical Intervention 
•    Catching
•    Spay & Post Surgery Monitoring
•    Release

Community Rabies Vaccination Program


Freetown,Sierra Leone

May 2020 - ongoing 

Partnering with The Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society (SLAWS) to carry out community rabies vaccination programs in the community of Spurview.

Vaccinated 15 to date.

Community Animal Birth Control & Deworming Program


Freetown,Sierra Leone

May 2020 - ongoing 

Partnering with The Ministry of Agriculture (Dr Bangura & team) to carry out community sterilisation & deworming programs in the community of Spur View, Kingdom Hall & Bonga Town.

Dewormed: 17 ABC: 12