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How we choose our organisations

Compassionate Paws International's core team and board members work and live globally, primarily in countries that lack veterinary resources.

This allows for an on-the-ground experience with these organisations, and the acquiring of first-hand knowledge on how they run on a daily basis. This allows us to better pinpoint each organisation's individual needs & challenges.


Where donations are allocated

100% of all funds donated to Compassionate Paws International (CPI) go directly to the projects. 

CPI founders and board members take absolutely no money from funds collected.

Members contribute their own time and, in many cases, their own money, particularly for incidental costs.

So you can rest assured that all your money (and ours!) goes to alleviate the suffering of animals. 

Our partner organisations must submit all financial records, photos and other information related to how CPI funds are being used.

The CPI team is regularly in contact with these organisations and is updated daily/weekly on each program's progress. Site visits are conducted as required.

How We Conduct Our Activities

  • Acting as a funding bridge to resource-limited, “invisible” local animal welfare organisations.

  • Promoting kindness and the prevention of cruelty to animals through education and advocacy.

  • Providing care and veterinary treatment to abandoned and mistreated animals.

  • Reducing the number of homeless and neglected animals through sterilization and animal birth control (ABC).

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