Compassionate Paws, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to placing specially trained service dogs to provide safety and comfort for individuals living with the effects of Autism and the families that love them so dearly.


The services that Compassionate Paws provides are custom created to each client — taking into account both the individual's needs and specific abilities along with the needs and working knowledge of a dog in general within the specific family unit. Compassionate Paws does not discriminate against things such as age of the applicant.  We work with children and adults the same.  

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About Us

At Compassionate Paws, Inc. (CPI) our clients are individuals who suffer from the challenges of Developmental Disabilities. Our Compassionate Paws trainers SPECIALIZE in working with families affected with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. All these individuals have family members who are similarly affected by Autism and whose needs are factored into our services.

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Taking the first step often seems the most daunting, however it can be the most important step to take in any journey as without the first step, the journey would never begin. It can be a long road, but you are not alone! We are willing to provide you with a companion to see you through. It all starts with the first step. You can take that step by clicking here to download our application form. 

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Training Update 1.12.14


We want to introduce everyone to "Hachi".  She is the puppy on the right.  She will be the newest addition to our family but will also have another very important job to do for Compassionate Paws, Inc.  She will be the new "poster doggie" for Compassionate Paws, Inc.  Based on your family status with Compassionate Paws, Inc. you will be able to follow various aspects of Hachi.  We will be posting training videos, pictures and other various things regarding her on our website.  Some of this information will be posted on the website for everyone to view and other aspects will be placed on our "Client Exclusive" page for only our clients to view.  This will show what you COULD have with a service dog through Compassionate Paws, Inc. if all dynamics of the training program fit properly together.  We invite any questions or feedback regarding any training Hachi is or will be receiving.  Any questions can be referred to Vicki at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Buyer Beware

Disclosure Statement: To protect the integrity of Compassionate Paws, Inc. all names of individuals and organizations will be withheld. Many organizations that provide this serivce do so with the best of intentions, however sometimes even the best of intentions don't provide the safest possible solution. This page is intended to give families the knowledge and understanding that they have rights and NO organization has the right to take this away from them.

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